Top 8 Fast-Food Chains for Hot Subs

1. Jersey Mike's

Jersey Mike's is currently one of the most successful sub sandwich franchises, with over 2,530 locations.

2. Firehouse Subs

Fire in the name implies hot subs, right? The Firehouse Subs was formed by firefighters, according to its website. Hot subs are abundant.

3. McAlister's

Honestly, McAlister's hot subs aren't enough. Because you won't eat other menu items, not because the subs are bad.

4. Potbelly Sandwich Works

If you've never been to Potbelly Sandwich Works, do yourself a favor and order an accident over your first sandwich.

5. Quiznos

Quiznos rivaled Subway at its heyday. Restaurant Business Online reported a stunning 4,700 locations.

6. Which Wich

Which Wich is a Northwest or Northeast sandwich chain. These states lack Which Wich restaurants, save in Portland and Boston.

7. Penn Station East Coast Sub

Penn Station East Coast Subs is a long sandwich store name. The chain's website has likely confused NYC travelers.

8. Fazoli's

Fazoli's website opens with an image of three sizzling subs and the phrase Oven-baked subs.Bold flavors Fazoli's hot new subs.This chain has spicy subs.