The Health Benefits of Essential Oil of Lavender

Among all essential oils, lavender has one of the most recognizable and well-known scents. For thousands of years, societies all over the world have used the oil.  The Greeks and Romans were the first to utilize it in written records. The following uses for lavender exist:

Tension reduction: Breathing in lavender oil helps ease both mental and physical tension.

Insomnia: When used topically and breathed, it can help with sleep quality.

Blood pressure: A 2015 study also demonstrated the effects of lavender on blood pressure, while a 2017 study found that it decreased blood pressure following open heart surgery.

Bug repellent:  When applied topically, bug bites can help lessen the risk of illness and alleviate itching.

Mild burns: Assists in lessening burn discomfort. Use straight or combine with coconut oil.

Eczema: To ease symptoms, apply straight to dry skin or combine with coconut oil.

Nausea : Reduces the negative symptoms of nausea. Put one drop in your mouth or in a small glass of water, or think about putting one behind your ears.

Acne: Apply directly on acne to help stop it from getting worse.

Pain relief during surgery:  Using lavender during surgery has been shown in studies to lower pain levels.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome::  Lavender applied topically reduced discomfort in a 2017 study published in the Journal of Hand Therapy on carpal tunnel syndrome.

Hair growth: Research conducted on animal models indicates that lavender oil can promote hair growth.

Digestion: Promotes healthy digestion.