The Dark Side of Grocery Store Rotisserie Chicken


They're convenient and delicious, but what's the real cost of grocery store rotisserie chickens?

High Demand

Rotisserie chickens are a popular, ready-to-eat solution for busy shoppers.

Lower Prices

Priced lower than raw chickens, they attract customers but at what hidden cost?

Cost Cutting

To keep prices low, suppliers often use intensive farming practices.

Animal Welfare Concerns

These conditions raise serious animal welfare concerns.

Health Implications

Rotisserie chickens are often high in sodium and additives to enhance flavor and shelf-life.

Environmental Impact

Intensive farming practices have significant environmental impacts, including pollution and high water usage.

What Can Consumers Do?

Check labels, choose responsibly sourced chickens, and support local farms when possible.".


By being informed and making ethical choices, consumers can drive change towards more sustainable and humane practices.