14 Smartest Animals 

1. African gray parrot 

Being able to acquire a language is an indicator of intelligence, and African gray parrots are intelligent enough to pick up English words.

2. Ants

Imagine having the intelligence to instantly design, engineer, and build a bridge. This is precisely what ant colonies do, using their bodies to form living structures.

3. Bees

Bees exemplify this concept by cooperating to construct their habitats, share food, and maintain safety.

4. Bonobo

Native to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the bonobo is a highly intelligent great primate. Bonobos are more peaceful than chimpanzees, and females rule.

5. Cat

Although cats have nearly twice as many neurons in their brains as dogs, canines are better known for their intelligence.

6. Chimpanzee

The utilization of instruments is indicative of a higher IQ. Chimpanzees are the most proficient nonhuman animals at tool use.

7. Crow

The crow is a highly intelligent, tool-making avian. Crows can identify human features and use tools to solve complex problems and puzzles.

8. Dog

Man's best buddy has been studied cognitively more than most non-human species. Dogs may learn English grammar, tricks, and over 1,000 toy names.

9. Dolphin

In "The Simpsons," dolphins took over the world, demonstrating their intelligence. Dolphins remember faces for 20 years.

10. Elephant

Empathy, memory, and sadness show elephant intelligence. Elephants mourn their dead and remember their attackers.

11. Goat

A 2016 study indicated that goats are smart. Goats in the study stared at humans to ask for help getting a treat. Goats solved puzzles in another study.

12. Gorilla

Koko the gorilla famously acquired sign language. Language and object use show gorilla intellect.

13. Octopus

Octopuses, cephalopods, have brains with nerves to their eight arms. Research shows that while an octopus's brain gives a centralized order.

14. Orangutan

Humans and Southeast Asian orangutans share 97% of their genomes. A 2009 investigation found two orangutans bargaining with tokens to get what they desired.