11 Foods That Cause Constipation

1. Red Meat

Red meat is typically high in total fat, contains no fiber, and may be salted. Red meat-rich diets are associated with constipation.

2. Persimmons

Although persimmons are tasty and nutritious fruits, they are also constipating.

3. Cake

In most pastries, the combination of high-fat and low-fiber ingredients creates the perfect storm for sluggish digestion and constipation.

4. Potato Chips

The salty crunch may be delicious, but if you struggle with constipation, it is probably not assisting your digestion.

5. Milk

Those with a dairy intolerance are particularly susceptible to constipation caused by dairy.

6. Chocolate

This is going to be disappointing, but chocolate can cause constipation. This is due to chocolate's elevated fat content.

7. French Fries

Large quantities of fried and fast foods can contribute to constipation because they are low in fiber and high in fat and salt.

8. Fiber-Enriched Bars

There is one caveat to increasing fiber to treat constipation: consuming too much fiber too rapidly could actually exacerbate the condition.

9. Alcohol

Alcohol causes constipation. Dehydration from alcohol makes digestion difficult.

10. Pastries

Sweets and processed foods induce constipation. Sugar-rich, low-fiber foods impede digestion.

11. White bread

White bread and similar products made with refined flour can contribute to constipation because they lack fiber.