10 Rare Girl Names

1. Adia

This name's meaning in German is "noble."

2. Aella

This pretty name comes from the Greek word for "whirlwind."

3. Alazne

This name comes from the Basque word alatz, which means "miracle." It has Spanish roots.

4. Aletta

This name comes from Latin, and it means "winged one."

5. Alohi

It comes from the Hawaiian language and means "brilliant" or "shining."

6. Alora

This lovely name means "dream" or "dreamer" in Latin and Botswana's Bantu language.

7. Aneira

The Welsh name "much snow" is perfect for a winter baby girl.

8. Annika

Hebrew means "sweet-faced" and German "gracious."

9. Aoife

This Irish name (pronounced EE-fa) means "beautiful" and "radiant." 

10. Axelle

French feminine variant of the Scandinavian male name Axel, meaning "my father is peace."