10 Easy Ways to Look Better in 30 Days

1. Your Posture

Social posture might make you appear more beautiful. Doing so makes you look taller and enhances your attractiveness and confidence.

2. Look Up

Looking up enhances beauty. Looking down shows indifference in communication and is unpleasant to both men and women. 

3. Wear Red

Red attracts. A red top or accessory can quickly make you more attractive.

4. Avoid Crossing Arms

Crossed arms indicate aloofness, which most find unappealing. To prevent appearing dismissive or uncomfortable, keep your arms open.

5. Be Sincere

Men and women still value sincerity. Honesty and openness will make you more popular in your friend group..

6. Hear Others  

Listening, not just hearing, is rare today. Speak and listen with purpose, holding your views and opinions until the other person finishes.

7. Head Nod  

Nodding confirms the other person's views, concerns, and sentiments. Use this technique often to demonstrate your empathy and listening skills. 

8. Smile and Laugh  

Smiling makes people more open, appealing, and personable, and a sense of humor makes you stand out.

9. Be Confident  

Clear, direct communication draws people in. Confidence attracts. Confidence makes you more beautiful.

10. Make Connections  

Find common ground to make friends and appear more desirable. Agreeing with someone makes you attractive.