10 Cool Boy Names

1. Sebastian

Sebastian has been popular in Europe for generations, but relatively rare in the US.

2. Mateo

This name is popular in the US but unique. Spanish Matthew signifies "gift of Yahweh," the Hebrew divinity.

3. Ezra

If you want a unique name for your boy, consider a biblical name. Old Testament prophet Ezra means "help" in Hebrew.

4. Elias

 Elias, a variation of Elijah, is common in Europe. Hebrew for "my God is Yahweh.

5. Silas

 Silas, a biblical and Roman name, just lately become popular in the US. Silvanus, meaning "wood forest," is a popular guess.

6. Waylen

German legendary name Weland, also spelled Wieland, comes from Old English. Waylen (Völundr) means "skilled craftsman" in Old Norse.

7. Gael

Gael, a distinctive boy's name, rose in popularity in the US. Gaelic speakers include Irish and Scottish.

8. Rowan

Rowan means "red" in English and was given to both boys and girls with red hair.

9. Amir

 Amir is rare in the US despite its prevalence in Turkey, the Balkans, and the Middle East. "Commander" or "prince" in Arabic.

10. Thiago

James's Portuguese variant is Tiago. James, a popular name, comes from Jacob, which meaning "holder of the heel.