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Spray that Bottom!

DROP BALM! Baby Spray that Bottom © On cracked feet, sunburns, dry lips, diaper rash, razor burn, eczema, bug bites, newborns peeling skin, itchy cradle cap, post partum owies, scrapes, cuts, bruises, minor rashes, hemorrhoids, dry hands, stinky armpits, burns and all that other funky stuff!  Simply Spray and leave on.  Repeat as needed.

**PLEASE NOTE: This formula is nut FREE

Ingredients: Non-alcohol witch hazel, extra virgin olive oil, neem oil, lavender, orange & tea tree essential oils & vitamin e

Directions:  SHAKE WELL and spray are needing first aid.  Cover with bandaid or bandage if needed.  Use as often as needed.  Spray before sleep for optimum results.  This is an all purpose spray, and will disinfect, and is an anti-